Lyrics from The Easy Thing

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1. Love Is the Problem

Just find someone with similar interests; if computers can do it, then why can’t you?
Just ask around, and see who’s still single or almost single again
Or recovering from a coma, or just let out of jail
Or visiting the country, or learning how to fail
And if you get your basic needs all met, then you can concentrate on what really matters

Love is the problem that you can’t ignore
Love is the problem that you’re looking for

Just find someone who’s fairly good looking, but not too good looking; you’ll get used to it.
Just ask around about friends of friends, about exes of exes of exes of yours
Just find someone who can stand to be near you, who has similar needs; could that be so hard?

And if you’re lucky, all your time will disappear, and you’ll never have to fear
And if you’re lucky, all your interests will dissolve in the life you’ll have to solve
And if you’re lucky, all your cares will multiply as your years go tearing by
Cause you found someone

Love is the reason that you’re fading fast
Love is the answer to what you never asked

2. The Last One

One moment you sat smoking and looking far away
Sound of my voice deflected like ashes in your tray
 Years pass and now you’re watching; I’m looking far away
My voice is wrapped in silence; I’ve got nothing to say

You were the last one, you were the last one
You were the last one to push me away

Wearing your yesterdays; you’re wearing your yesterdays

You should have asked for my help; why did you hold it in?
You could have leaned on me ‘cause I was much stronger then

So don’t you bother asking what could I give you now
The guilt has turned to anger, and I won’t keep it down

3. Lost the World

When you’ve lost the world that you’ve been waiting for
And you have tried the key, and it don’t fit the door
When you have seen your dreams as they go flushing down
And you forgot the plot that carried you around

I do believe that you might qualify for some vacation when you die
You’ve got a life with no holds on it, no holds any more

And what you thought important made you miss your cue
And though you bought the package it has returned you
And while I know you’re on it, still, I’ve got to say
If you’ve been turning on it, well, then that’s okay

I do believe that you’ve finally found you, so damn beautiful around you
One life’s loss another’s gain; shake your point and suck the pain
Things don’t work out as you planned them; break the contract and expand them
As you want so shall you dare, not that this is fair

So if you’ve lost the world and your beloved crown
If you love the future then you won’t fall down
And though you’ve lost the dreams that used to pull you through
There’s still some stuff around that you might like to do

4. Kite

Maybe you believe those lines, but I see how you live your life
You’re painting a picture of who you want to be

You’re not who you say you are; you wouldn’t get very far
You’d tumble down to the ground

Without him to pull down
You would fall to the ground
Like a kite with no string
You would twist in the wind

You’re tired of push and pull; you say it’s a game for fools
But you don’t know another game to play

Don’t tell me he holds you down; you’re lucky he’s still around
You’d tumble down to the ground

If he didn’t hold on so tight, you’d blow off into the night
You’d tumble down to the ground

5. New People

New People talkin’ on the flora, laid out like an open hand
New People are acting fairly normal
Sure they got a story, sure that they could understand

It's probably painful
It's probably rude

New People, they offer their attention maybe for the afternoon
New People, they often fail to mention that they must be going, that they got it going soon

They're probably paid for
You probably lose

Few people really get to know you, really get to understand
Most people in lots of coexistence
Not that you're insistent, not that that you would make demands

They're probably famous
You're probably nude

New People are separate from you
New People make you feel too few

6. Down So Low

Where’re you calling from?  I can hear the sun
I can hear the light over the wire tonight

And it makes me sick how the same old trick
Seems different till it’s done, and then you know you’ve lost

Lay me down so low; burn me out so slow
Lead me on I know again again again

Weigh what’s on my mind for the thousand time
Hundred thousandth time again again again

I can’t understand how this slight of hand
Seems different every time until you know your had
Where’re you calling from?  I can hear the sun
I can feel the sun tonight

7. Luge

Soak along a filling place
I won’t believe I’ve lost a face
I’m hardly here; I’m hardly me
I don’t know what I’m supposed to be

I’m feeling soft, I’m looking long
I’ve set my chest to breathing strong.
I’ve got the game; I’ve got the balls
I’m fiction streaking through the halls

A bell and chain, a tube of fish
A portion of a fleeting wish
I only leave; I’m plentitude
I won’t depress the general mood.

Build a tune, a better place
In front of us, in future space
I’m half a light bulb, stuck in mud
I’m bleeding bleach; I’m stealing cud

Only loss upon my knee
Holding out for entropy.
I’m creamy smooth, a pudding cake
I don’t believe I’ve got to ache

I’m simple now but wasn’t then
I got myself a smaller pen
I’ve dreamt me big but bore me out
I’m small enough to pan me out

To pleasing me and feeling time
And one more long, obnoxious rhyme
Did you come too when fondness kills?
And far-fetched spinning spanking frills.

I’m half past four till never six
And drunk with lust for missing chicks
And creature flavors still in mind
And screaming here on my behind

I’m only love and that is all
So why don’t we smoke alcohol and luge?

8. Thanks for Stopping By

Well, I know you’ve got to run
I don’t want to spoil your fun
Things to do, people to see
Yeah, me too
Never know how things might change
Suddenly you’re out of range
I don’t want to be the moss on the stone

Thanks for stopping by, my friend
Really, thanks for stopping in
I know you’ve got things to do
Yeah, me too

Well you caught me in between
This is just temporary
On my way, just wait and see
When I get there
Sometimes you think you’ve got the thread
Leads out of the labyrinth
You run a while until you see
It’s just more halls

9. Horse

I’m not amazed it isn’t true
I’m not amazed it wouldn’t do.
I’m not surprised that all your goods fell down, ‘cause that’s exactly what they do.
I’m not afraid of aching hands
I’m not afraid of unmade plans
I’m not alone in this, that when I do insist I know exactly where I am    

And though I’m tired of feeling bored and overwhelmed and just ignored
I recognize my flaws and I still grasp at straws  
I’ll make the most of what I’m falling toward

And we can use the old damned horse
She’s gonna pull for me, of course
And I got fifteen kegs of beer   
I mean it’s old, but hell it’s here.
And it’s got a name

I’ll be ebullient and free
I’ll go and start to at like me
I’ll get up on that horse, go back and find the source of what was beautiful and sweet

Ah, come on, let’s go, OK?
I’m optimistic for a day
And though I agonize a bit, I’m back to size, and it feels pretty good to me

And we can use the old damn name
The one that never brought me fame
Or we can throw it back complete
Or we can fry it up to eat

10. Another Way to Fall

You sip a scotch, flip through a magazine
The pages pass, but you don’t really see

You want to leave, but you just sit and stare
Why start again? This won’t go anywhere

It’s just another way to fall, just another way to sprawl
It’s just another way to get down on your hands and knees and crawl

Why fight this time?  Just put the dark glasses on
And get used to the sight through bloodshot eyes

Don’t tell a lie when you call on the phone
What’s there to hide when everybody knows?

11. The Easy Thing

I want to do the easy thing, but no one will let me.
I want to sell the way I sing, but then they would get me
And no one I know wants to be cross-eyed and naked
If you can’t enter in foolishly, at least you could fake it

I want to do the easy thing; it would only take my one I Ching
If you like the way I sing I think we should do it
I wanna be successful, yeah, and not so damn depressful, yeah
If you could lend a dressful, yeah, let’s go to it

I want to buy the world a drink, but I can’t afford it
If you liked the way I think, you should have adored it
Nobody comes this way without their abuses
I acquire them and get away with my nihilistic excuses

12. Shadows Fall

It took me so long to see, understand where you’re coming from
But I followed your eyes to the horizon

I’ve been listening when I don’t speak; I think I’ve got the thread
I can see how you want to be what you want to be

The way that shadows fall and reach out quietly
They come together and they cover all you see

I know my mouth runs on; I stumble foolishly
When the words start to flow they loose all subtlety

We’re creatures of flesh and bone ruled by our suffering
It’s hard not to feel alone, and it’s hard to see

The way that shadows fall and reach out quietly
They come together and they join up seamlessly

13. Axiomatic

Start now, cough me up and brush me off and mean it
If it’s a new time, then treat it as such
It doesn’t matter that much if you believe it

And if misery is axiomatic for the likes of you and me
Decide it’s cool and call it fuel and employ it sparingly

Choose now, down or up; just pick a ride and mean it
If it’s a nose dive, aim your luck to brush the ground and clean it

And if misery stares like a tree lookin’ solid as can be
Let’s call that good, and work that wood to burn us sparingly

And I know that something’s happened to me, but I’m missing what I’ve become
But I know that if you hold on to me, then we’ll have some place  to  fall from
And to come back to

Life now, sticking up; grab it and massage it
Time is fucking up; let’s you and me ménage it

And if misery is axiomatic for the likes of you and me
Let’s deem it fine, and seal that shrine to visit sparingly

And if misery is automatic for the likes of you and me
Decide it’s cool and call it fuel and use it fruitfully

And if misery is nonspecific in a way it should not be
Just grab me, dear, ‘cause I’ll be here to listen faithfully

And if it’s all just axiomatic, there’s still much to do
Axiomatic like my need for you
Axiomatic that we’ll sail on through

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